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Your business needs a website to be competitive in an increasingly digital world, but getting one up and running can be overwhelming, difficult,  time consuming, and costly. Using SquareSpace, you have access to an empowering tool that millions use to share their online presence and create an impact driven, stylish, and easy-to-manage website.

With our customized, step-by-step VIP day, you'll get your own coach and personalized support so you will confidently create a beautiful, professional looking website without the expense of hiring a designer.

Do you

  • Want a gorgeous website but cannot afford to hire a designer?
  • Want more personal support from an expert when building your site?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the technology and the thought of doing it all yourself?  
  • Want to have a website that is easy to maintain by yourself?
  • Want your website to look more professional and polished?
  • Want your business site and online presence to have clarity, function style


This hands on workshop will teach you to build your own website or blog - completely from scratch - and with the help of an expert. Over the day you'll learn to set up your website, manage the settings, design and customize (without having to learn frustrating coding), with natural SEO. You'll also get tips and suggestions for making your business website unique, creative, and beautiful! Tired of spending hours upon hours trying to figure how to put a website together? I believe in helping small business owners, startups and professionals to build a professional presence with the help of a professional website.

Like many small business owners, startups and professionals your reach and engagement is minimal, but you know your ideal customers are out there…you just can’t seem to break through that invisible wall. A well structured website can help you break through and help your business grow.

There so many options out there it can make your head spin. Where should you start? What platform should you use? How will you design your site when you may not have those design skills to make your site as inviting as those you see online? I'll be by your side to help you navigate the technical, conceptual and visual parts of creating your gorgeous website on SquareSpace.

This workshop is offered in two options: A 1:1 VIP Day and a Small Group (max. 4 participants) VIP group setting. Pricing is based on the option chosen.

My goal with this VIP Day is to empower you to create a website you will be proud of!

I'll be right by your side to take you through the process of preparing each step of your site - from the customization you need to your optimized layout, search engine optimization, helping you use images and making sure your visitors can contact you.  All this from a seasoned expert with many years of instructional design, user experience and training experience. This is not a course where you are left to your own devices! You will also receive 30 days of my personal support regarding site content along with world class technical support from SquareSpace themselves.

You'll leave with

  • A new, user-friendly 5-6 page website that encompasses SEO friendly content, beautiful design and customer focused accessibility
  • The knowledge, experience and confidence to update your website’s content
  • A full understanding of the SquareSpace platform, support processes and options

You'll also leave with a 7-day after workshop check in appointment and access to your instructor for 30 days to help you discover the best way to work with your content after the workshop. This will help you consider how you can add the power of SquareSpace to serving your clients. You are not alone.

What you'll learn

During this day, you will lean from an expert in user experience and instructional design, who has led thousands of people to learn different areas in technology including site design, tool usage and designing online and paper content. You will:

  • Chose your colours and fonts
  • Prepare, organize and use photos
  • Add a newsletter opt-in form
  • Set up a blog subscription form
  • Connect your social media accounts
  • Set up your website for SEO
  • Optimize sharing on Facebook
  • Sell a product on your website
  • Set up a trial account on Squarespace
  • Organize your content for best use
  • Use the diverse content holders
  • Understand how to manage your domain
  • Understand how connect your custom domain
  • Fine tune and optimize your site
  • Add your logo and tagline

Sounds like a lot to cover? Since we deal in logical progression, it will result in a natural, step-by-step walk through all the features you'll need. We start with the one-time only stuff and progress to the growth areas of your site or blog.

So, how will all this play out? There are 3 distinct phases. You will need a laptop, charger and mouse for the workshop

Phase I: Before your day

  • Gathering your resources (instructions will be received before workshop)

Phase II: Creating your site

  • Setting up > Preparation and branding
  • Build your pages > Design, customization and content
  • Housekeeping> Website admin, configurations and fine tuning

Phase III: Continuing your trial period

  • Before Launch > Check your nuts & bolts and makes sure everything is in place
  • Post Launch activities > Connect website to your custom domain and go live!
  • On your way! > Sharing on social media and a bit more admin

This day will be broken up with a delightfully catered lunch and a celebratory ending for all your hard work! You will come away inspired and fully capable of maintaining a site you can and will be proud of.

My goal is for you to learn how to create a well organized, visually appealing and functional website. This will be your online home for your business where your visitors or clients can easily find the information they are looking for and where they feel welcome and connected to you.

Course Structure

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Barbara Jemmott, an expert in building user-experienced focused online areas, such as websites, members only focused products, online and offline learning using industry standard practices, designs and processes. I also bring many years of end user training to small business and corporate trainees, including building online and offline/classroom learning options. I've been told I make learning fun and help to eliminate confusion and overwhelm by focusing on only what's relevant to your end results - which is why I love SquareSpace for small business owners who don't need all the bells and confusion brought on by some website building platforms.

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SquareSpace is the leading tool for entrepreneurs, bloggers, photographers, restaurants, and small business owners looking to build a beautiful, user-friendly designed website. With this workshop you will learn the basics, from how to choose a template, customize the look and feel of your website, and layout your content.

If you are ready to take your website to the next level while eliminating the common headaches from setting up and maintaining your website, contact us for current pricing and to schedule your 1:1 VIP day or to join an upcoming VIP Small Group Workshop.

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