User-view Website Review


User-view Website Review



Although it seems like a simple task, it's good to understand your visitor's point of view when they visit your site. When you take a take a high level perspective, you will begin to see holes in your current set up and then understand the power of your website and it's effect on your marketing strategy. Things to review from this visitor's point-of-view include: 

  • Ease of navigation
  • The use of Calls-to-Action (CTAs) 
  • Ease of use
  • Site bounce rate
  • Visitor's experience to buy your offering from your site

.... and more.

How this works

After payment, the following steps will walk us through your review:

Step 1: You will receive a brief questionnaire at check out. Please take the time to complete it as throughly as you can. 

Step 2: Book your 30 minute appointment (you can choose Skype, phone or Zoom chat).

Your session:

Attend your appointment where we will walk through your site together where we will discuss the findings that will help you refine the visitor experience and help convert them from browsers to visitors that respond to your calls to action.

This consultation concludes with a written report containing everything discussed and specifically outlined so you can complete the work after our call. This report will be delivered withing 2 business days. With your attention (or appropriate support) your site will be a minimum of 50% more accessible and relevant than before the review.

When you buy this session package you will be eligible for a 10% discount on future services (offer cannot be combined with other discounts).


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