Power Focus Session


Power Focus Session



Following on from the free consultation call, many of our clients use this feature to focus on a particular idea in order to explore options in more detail and to determine what we can work together to achieve. If you are struggling to understand your next steps, this session option is a great place to start.

Our clients often spend this focus session on areas such as:

  • Website User Experience Review
  • Email Marketing strategy development
  • Blogging strategy
  • Content Calendar review
  • Opt-in development
  • Social Media strategy development
  • Customer Relationship development

...and more (these are just examples of our most popular areas).

We will not waste your time. We will focus on your results only.

Your session:

Prior to your call, you will receive and complete a comprehensive email communication so we can make the most of your 45 minute call (you can select from phone, Skype or Zoom call for your convenience). This call is produces a follow-up email summarizing the call details and a written plan outline.

When you buy this session package you will be eligible for a 10% discount on future sessions.  

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