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Mind your F.A.Q.`s


30 Minute masterclass

This weeks' 30 Minute masterclass is about sharing information with your visitors when they are most interested, Give the answers they're looking for so they can make the right decision to work with you because you've shown you understand their concerns. 

It also helps you manage your time and attention by helping you get a handle on providing repetitive information.

This masterclass will help you understand how to create your FAQ's and where to position them to give the best effect. We'll focus on 3 key points to make your FAQ's stand out and valuable - to you and your reader!


Masterclass Outline

  • What should be in your FAQ and why
  • Where you store your FAQ
  • How to quickly create your FAQ

Spend an interesting 30 minutes and take some of the guesswork out of how to making the most out of information you already have, and that people want to know!

You'll come away with a plan for How to create your FAQ's and ideas on how to use them.