Are you sure your "About Us" page is doing the things you want?


One of the most visited pages on your website (and one of the most neglected) is your About Us page. Humble though it might be, it can become a powerful asset, serving you and your site visitors with just a few tweaks. By making sure you eliminate these common mistakes you’ll more than double the mileage you get from this important page.

Mistake #1: Not putting the customer first

Yeah, it’s called the “About Us” page, but it should really be about your new and existing clients and customers. If your page is all about me, me, me, it’s probably time for an update. Approach your page from the “What I can do for you” point of view.

Mistake #2: Not explaining what you do for a living

If people have to guess how your company can help them, your page needs an update. You need to answer the question “What do we do?” in the first couple of sentences or at least the first paragraph or the page is a fail. Explain what service you provide, what products you sell or why the potential client/customer would want to use you. Spending more time making sure the basic information is there and a little less on vague paragraphs of inspiration or vision will bring big payoffs.

Mistake #3: Not including contact information

Small businesses often make the mistake of not putting their contact information front and centre. This includes your hours of business (and address for your physical locations). Even if you have this info on your homepage or footer, consider giving this important stuff a special place on your About Us page.

Mistake #4: Not telling the world how great you are

You offer a standout product or service and you need to tell people about it. If you have media mentions, be sure to include them on your About Us page. People like to see your personality and help you celebrate your successes.

Mistake #5: Being boring

You can surprise and delight your clients as you educate visitors about your business. You do this by making your page interesting to read or connect with. What can you add to engage your visitors?

Mistake #6: Not having a little fun

The About Us page is a great place to “put a face” on your business. Have a little fun with it and lighten up!

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