You are your brand so be your amazing self


There's no doubt that branding is important

Every business in the world, big or small, invests in building a distinctive brand. They know that branding their products returns huge dividends on their investment. It's the best type of advertising, since most brand recognition is quick and subconsious. As the internet and social media has become part of our daily lives, business branding has become even more important. These new media allow an organization with a brand to reach much further than was ever possible before, while costing so much less than it would have cost previously. Branding is big business, and these days, making sure you build your own brand that showcases your amazing self is as important to the individual as it is to businesses, large and small.

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Personal Branding

Personal branding is based on the idea that the internet has provided everyone with the potential to reach any other person with no restrictions on geography and time, two of the biggest barriers in previous time frames. In those not so long ago times, it would take a great amount of time to become familiar enough with another person to get to the point of being able to call them friend. Most people never ventured more than 10 miles radius from their home so the only people they knew were the people around them. Technology has changed all that and now your circle has stretched around the world.

Given these facts, personal branding allows almost everyone to find and grow in their own niche in a market. Social media and internet reach allows that personal brand to find followers and customers no matter how specialized the market might be and it's interesting that such changes allow for such particular opportunities to connect with others.

You are your best brand

This means that you are your best brand. There's no one else like you. Your personality and talents are unique and the people you actually, physically conneect with recognize this. So will the people who you connect with through internet and social media reach. As we start this series on personal branding, we'll start with a reminder. Be yourself and others will see the value you bring. In turn, they will see the value of your products and services. We'll be talking more about being your amazing self because you are your brand.