Why it’s important to know your subscribers


Just who are the people on your list?

What would it be like to really know the people who sign up to join your email lists?  If you follow that thinking it might raise other questions such as how well do you know your target market or ideal client for that matter? It’s an important piece to the puzzle of connecting with potential clients online and encouraging them to become buyers. You can’t serve your market well and grow a loyal following if you don’t know much about the people who make up that target market. 

On the other hand, if you do your due diligence and learn as much as you can about your readers and subscribers, it suddenly becomes much easier and more fun to turn a profit. More importantly, knowing what your subscribers need and what they are trying to accomplish gives you information you need to help them and make a real difference in their lives. 

As you learn more about your readers and the issues they face, you will know exactly what type of content you should share that speaks to them. You can use their “language” including those specific niche or industry terms and abbreviations in your email messages to them. This little gesture along builds trust and lets them know you’re one of them. Knowing your subscribers makes it easy to stay in touch regularly via email. 

Knowing what goals they are trying to reach or what they want to accomplish makes it easy to find products and services to offer to your readers. It’s much easier to present a solution than convince someone that they need to buy a certain product.

For example

If you know that your readers are business owners who’ve discovered the business benefits to blogging and they’re struggling to understand all the moving parts to getting their blog up and running. It’s easy to recommend a pathway to success that will reduce the stress and overwhelm of their initial tentative steps into the world of blogging, particularly when they have a business to run. 

Do you see how helpful it is to know as much as possible about your readers? In the above example, it would be easy to write an email talking about how blogging will help their business. Yet, it’s an important to create a blog that supports the business. Then provide them with the solution that will work for them even if they have the types of questions have different answers for business and personal blogging.
To summarize, you can learn so much about your readers and subscribers if you take the time to get to know your readers. You'll learn more about what they need and how to best communicate with them. It also allows you to build a relationship with your readers. As you get to know them, they get to know you, butit won't feel like work. Before long they will start to begin to associate you with values they can recognize and trust. Treat them well and you’ll have a loyal base of customers for life.