Why business systems are So Important for you


Time to use some systems thinking!

When you run a business, then you should constantly be looking for ways to improve your workflow and to automate and systemize as many aspects as possible. This is what's referred to as 'bringing systems to your business' and there are several reasons that it's such an important idea. Let's explore them in some more detail.

You get more freedom

If you are currently putting in late nights at work and feeling as though you're not getting the results you deserve, then that suggests that your business isn't capable of operating without you. By improving the ability of your staff to work independently and putting systems in place, you'll find your 'hands on' time is reduced and as such you can spend more time with your family, travelling or enjoying your hobbies. And isn't that the point?

You save time and money and see improvements

Often bringing systems basically means introducing flow charts and checklists that automate the processes that make up your company's workflow. By using these systems you make sure that you use the same efficient method for every new job and every new client. This is important because it in turn means that every client and customer will be equally satisfied and will know they can rely on you for a certain quality of service.

Having systems in place means that you can then assess those systems and find ways to improve them. Once you know the exact checklist you and your team is following, you can look into slightly altering that checklist and seeing how that impacts on your profits, your overheads and your ratings. If you are all over the place though and you attack each problem in a different way, you'll never know how to improve.

You Can Expand

If you are dealing with issues as they arise then you will be working 'in' your business rather than on it. Instead, use systems and you can take a 'step back' from everything and gain the time and perspective to actually improve your business model. Meanwhile, extra efficiency will allow you to spend less time on each job thus meaning you can afford to increase the number of jobs you perform and thus your turnover and profits. 
In short, you'll make a huge difference to your efficiency, happiness and growth when you start systems thinking, then bring the right systems to your business.