Want to be an expert? Power boost your exposure


Ramp up your exposure to get expert status fast

If you're looking for a way to have a larger impact with your marketing efforts, consider focusing on ramping up your exposure. Doing so will mean more people getting to know you as an expert, an authority and someone to listen to. You've seen it happen around you in one of the most common places, on TV. You've seen the teasers, sneak peeks and short pieces of information released to peak interest in the given topic and you can use the same methods to get the word out about your new product releases, service offerings and business changes, among other opportunities.

Becoming known as an expert in your niche is a lot like that. A sneak peak here, a well received guest blog post there (for example) will go a long way  in pushing you forward towards you being recognized as an expert. There are a number of great ways to make a big impact quickly, and people listen to experts, sign up to their lists and even look forward to upcoming releases in anticipation of you being able to solve their problems.

Some ways to start getting more exposure are:

Social Media - Whatever you're doing, promote it via social media and ask your audience to share, like, follow and engage with you. Ask people for any questions related to your area on social media and don't forget to stay on top of issues that arise.

Interviews - Find out where you can bring value by being interviewed as often as possible so you can get your message out to your audience. The more ways you're presented as "the expert" the more your audience will see you an an expert. By the way, you should seek out opportunities to interview other experts and then share these informative and educational talks with your audience on social media and on your website or blog (you can package the interview in different ways to get more mileage). A side benefit? You get opportunities to start and grow your relationships with other experts in your field at the same time.

Blogging (or blog more!) - There are probably more spaces where you can submit blog posts than just on your own site. Consider LinkedIn as a place to publish key articles through their publishing platform as well as other opportunities to grow your influence within any LinkedIn groups you are a member of. Take every chance you have to get information out as the expert by using your byline either online or offline. Another way to get more out of blogging is to:

Guest Blogging - Following on from above, find blogs that deal with your audience but not direct competitors that have the same or higher ranking than your website or blog. Send information to them offering to guest blog once a month for free with an original article in return for a byline with a link back to you website.

Publish a Book - These days it's easier than ever to become published since Amazon changed the publishing landscape through Kindle Direct Publishing. You can sell your book or offer it for free to help get the word out and build your business and expertise.

Speaking Engagements - Speaking either online or at in person events is a great way to become known as an expert in your area. Even if it's outside your comfort zone it should be high on your "list of considerations." The more you can speak about what you know, the more you get to lift your visibility and influence. You'll also get better and more comfortable with "pushing your personal envelope" with practice.

This is just a starter list of ideas to get you thinking about how you'll get yourself out there to boost your exposure.  You should feel free to add any other activities you can think of that will help you gain expert status a lot faster than if you did nothing. Take some time to make a plan of attack without biting off more than you can chew. By choosing your activities, you should give yourself plenty of time to work them through before adding more to your schedule. Remember, you really want make an impact on people by having them see you as an expert or an authority. The way to go about this is to consider yourself as the product that needs effective marketing to ramp up your exposure. You are marketing of your expertise.