Consider for your visual marketing needs (Review) as your visual marketing tool (review)

Why & how you should add Visme to your toolbox

I must admit, when I first came across I was just looking for a tool to help me create simple and effective infographics. Since then, I am thankful I found this robust, well-rounded tool that is so much more than an infographic creator – a message that really needs to get out there. In truth, you can use Visme to support all areas of your marketing and content creation, including some you’ve probably not thought of yet.

Many of my clients are looking for ways to give their images more appeal and Visme is a place to quickly and easily create professional looking imagery yourself, even if you are design-challenged and time-starved.

I put this post together to answer a number of questions that keep coming up about what tool to use, where and how. There’s always a query after producing something visual for blog posts (at the least), and other materials created for many different areas of my business.

Who is Visme for?

Visme is an online graphics tool specifically for businesses, bloggers and other professionals with limited or no design skills.

Visme helps create first class images, infographics and more to help promote your website, social media content, print materials and support materials across your marketing needs. If you think your industry is somewhat “boring or uninspiring,” you can use Visme to visually stimulate and engage your readers with intriguing material to represent your content in ways that respects the attention spans of the reader. You can build an awful lot of different content with hardly any knowledge when you use the templates. However, if all you want is an image, this is too much tool for you. Before we get started though, here’s a video to introduce Visme to you. See you on the other side of the video.

Visme is an all-in-one visual communication tool that empowers non-designers to create beautiful engaging presentations, infographics visual reports and other forms of visual content in minutes, not hours.

You need quality visuals

Do you have an idea of how many visitors come to your website and leave immediately? Visme says that it’s not your content. They say the #1 reason people leave your website is because of boring (read non-stimulating) and outdated images. There are several options or alternatives in the market, including Canva & Picmonkey that are built to help the non-designer create quality imagery and Visme holds its own with all of them – including doing several tasks more easily, with better results. The categories available in Visme include these shown in the image here.

Extensive number of templates

When I first picked up Visme, I was in awe of the number of options for objects I could create - all in one place. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a selection under the Documents category. Check out the list of templates here:

  • Reports

  • Proposals

  • White Papers

  • Media Kits

  • Newsletters

  • Ebooks

  • Surveys

  • Report Cards (?)

  • Charts

Each of the other categories has an impressive number of templates for you to use, and a short time exploring those categories will help you see what your options are. Add to this the extensive library of icons and images (and more…) and you have more a useable tool you’d be happy to have in your hands. It would be a tool you’d actually use, often (instead of sitting on your shelf, doing nothing).

How do I use Visme?

I use Visme to: Create presentations for my online learning presentations, for webinar slides, for blog graphics and content upgrades/optin-in content, for course content, social media posts, infographics and more. I still need to explore the ebook templates and and several of the other templates more extensively but I have confidence they’ll support my needs with the quality needed. You will see Visme infographics used throughout this blog if you look.

The one thing that allows Visme to stand out from some of the other tools out there is the ability to track the performance of your new visual. You can see how effective your visual is at engaging your audience and learn so much from this type of reporting.

Now, about pricing

After talking about all the great things Visme can do, you have to be asking how much all this would cost you. There are three plans available, including a free option. This option has limited access to templates and the number of projects. The other, paid plans bring so much more to your experience and both are very reasonably priced. Being able to cut back on other tools and the ability to track your visual content is invaluable. For a similar cost to Canva’s paid plan, you cannot go wrong. (Learn more on the pricing page.)

Finally, what is about Visme that makes me suggest it to my clients? Here’s the list I usually present before suggesting they sign up for the free plan to try out:

  • Build presentations

  • Create infographics

  • Banner Ads

  • Social Media content

  • Graphs & Charts

  • Documents & more…

  • Animate your content

  • Well made tutorials

I don’t give a lot of reviews, but this is one that I can speak to. Visme (link) is incredibly helpful to many, particularly those under time, money and design-skills constraints. It wouldn’t hurt to sign up for a free account and test drive it for your self. Will you give it a try?