The Y.E.S. Academy: a crucial part of Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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For the last couple of years we've been offering online courses on different platforms. While that's been interesting and rewarding, we've always been left with the feeling that our clients' needs were not always being served by the way the info was presented. Well, we've found a new platform that suits the way we work with clients and we're in the process of moving our courses over. Now's the time to introduce our new Your Entrepreneurial Spirit (Y.E.S.) Academy. 

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The academy is growing over time and will house business related and professional development courses, covering a variety of topics. There will always be a mix of free and paid courses you'll be able to take at your own pace (and some will be scheduled for specific dates, such as when we're working on a Challenge). We're so excited about this change and hope you will be too!

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