The Tao of Blogging


The Tao of Blogging

A question came up from a client that made me stop and think long and hard about the small business owner experience. The discussion was around changing her business name to better reflect her new reality and for improved SEO. As the discussion continued, it became clear that she was most interested in making her info and services much more accessible to her clients and potential clients, as well as reworking her website to support these new goals.
She wanted to explain some past challenges, ranging from a website she feels didn’t/doesn’t serve her (she doesn’t particularly like it either); info she’d received suggesting that renaming or changing her URL (and business) would help with SEO. She also made it plain her desire to provide a place for her potential connections to learn about her unique business services and offerings is something she doesn’t have right now.

Several of these items seem to bubble up when talking with solo-preneur or new small business people so this time I thought I’d address a couple of them in a blog post.
I asked if she had a blog as an outlet for her sharing knowledge & expertise. Answer? “Err, no. I don’t like blogging. Blogging isn’t something I really want to do. It’s not right for me.”  A common response. I often see. Many client websites do have a blog page – a neglected page that either says “coming soon or under construction…” or perhaps it has a few lonely posts on it from way back when… 

So, why did I suggest she reconsider the value of a blog?

Well, I know she’s a gifted communicator and that she cares deeply about every one of her clients. Many of her clients feel grateful to have her in their corner. She has an amazing voice – something I’m not sure she’s aware of and to share that voice would allow her to bring more of her warmth and caring to her audience (while allowing for that audience to grow). It doesn’t have to be a written blog; she could share in a number of ways, video, podcast, written-word and other. The word “blog” doesn’t have to be restricting!

A blog can help grow the brand recognition you seek and help grow your SEO naturally. The growth will be over a period of time – some would say slow growth, but remember, you are growing a following and a community. Some people recognize that building a following on social media takes time, and then they expect to throw up a blog post and generate instant success. What will help lead to improved SEO? Google looks for new, fresh content appearing on a website in order to rank for SEO purposes and very often, the most active area of a site is the blog. Having new entries added on a schedule that suits both the author and readers will lift your ranking. 

I also suggested that she doesn't have to look at it as “blogging,” but consider it as doing what she really wants to do: she wants educate and empower her clients to make the right decisions. She wants to give them a place to connect and she want a place to share her expertise. She wants her own "business place on the 'net." 

Since she is so comfortable and experienced with posting to her favourite social media platforms, by posting her blog posts, she would find that blogging could give her the chance to serve more clients in ways that she maybe hasn’t thought of yet – and help grow her brand, expertise and reach the way she wants it to grow. She will be able to determine her schedule and the results she’s looking to achieve.

So, as we looked into why she’s thinking of changing her business name and domain (to improve SEO and to better reflect what she does), she is able to focus on and say what she’s looking for.
That’s why I called this post the Tao of Blogging. The meaning of Tao is often said to be “the path or route.” The paths she can take to achieve her goals are uncovered and she gets to make an informed decision about her next steps, based on knowledge – not on snippets of information.