The career advice you didn't get

Ted Talks for inspiration

Women represent 50 percent of middle management and professional positions, but the percentages of women at the top of organizations represent not even a third of that number. People hear that statistic and ask, "Why do we have so few women leaders?" There seems to be career advice that women aren't getting. In this TedTalk by Susan Colantuono, she discusses the awesome resource of leaders who are leading in middle management, so many women stuck in the middle and what has to happen to take them to the top?

Check out this 13 minute video where Susan shares her insights.

The study asks the question, "How many of you women in the workplace have ever been told that the door-opener for career advancement is your business, strategic and financial acumen, and that all the other important stuff is what differentiates you in the talent pool?" Is this career advice you can use or need to move you from middle management to that next level? What next steps can you take to improve your position over the next 6 months?