Use social media for business without getting distracted

Use social media with distraction

Beat back social media overwhelm

There was a time when we may have thought social media was an amazing tool to get our words and thoughts out and that it would be a boon for our business. It’s become an important part of any business and shows up in all areas of our lives and while it may be great, but it can also be dangerous for your time and focus.

We’ve all been there. You log on to post an important piece of content and you get distracted by that new cat/cute baby/inspirational quote or heaven forbid, a political discussion. You’re there to check your engagement and you get caught up in some of the latest drama that’s popped up on your timeline. It’s time to review your follower counts and you find yourself scrolling down, down in your feed. Suddenly, an hour has gone by.

You know you need social media for your business, but how do you use it without getting distracted? It’s time to focus so you could take back control of your screens. Some of the things you need to do include:

Choosing your platforms well

You will choose the appropriate platforms where your audience spends their time and where it’s profitable for you to spend your time. You are able to get this right because you know your Ideal Customer and you know they definitely prefer one platform over another. It’s your job to make sure you’re not whistling past the graveyard by focusing on the obscure platforms you like, but don’t provide much back to you in the form of feedback.

You don’t have to use them all and you might find some more distracting than others. Eliminate the sites that are more distracting than profitable for your business.

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Logging in with an objective in mind

Click the image. Take the quiz!

Click the image. Take the quiz!

Every time you get on social media, do so with a specific objective in mind. When you get on Facebook, for example, you are there to check today’s engagement or to research your followers. While you’re there, stay focused on that objective. If there’s a video you want to watch, save it for later with the save post/video feature.

Set specific times of the day when you log in and set time limits. Until you form this new habit, set a timer on your phone and close the app when the timer goes off. It will take a little time to adjust but you can do this!

Create boundaries

Set your boundaries between personal and business use of social media. Create separate accounts and stay off personal accounts during your working day. It might be easier if you make the distinction between your Facebook personal profile and your business page(s).

Check and interact on your business pages when you’re working and avoid your profile page. Different platforms also lend themselves to business/personal purposes, such as LinkedIn for business networking but Twitter and Instagram for catching up with friends (based on your business needs).

Prioritize your activities

While we’re talking about setting limits, set your priorities for social media. For example, you might dedicate a 20-minute block of time for social media. During this time you would be posting a piece of content you created or curated. Then you’d be checking comments. Next you would be searching for some specific information.

Your lowest priority would be to scroll down your feed. This way you allow yourself time to read content, but you make sure you get the important work done first.

Use a social media dashboard

If you haven’t already started using one, now’s the time to organize and monitor your activity across platforms with a social media dashboard that works for you. Using a dashboard you can take in everything that’s going on at a glance, saving you time.

Check out this post from WordStream on the “7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools” for some insight into the topic.

Identify distractions and eliminate them

Social media doesn’t have to take you over, you can get your time back with some conscious effort. When you take the time to review how you use these sites and where you are wasting time, with your biggest distractions becoming obvious. Once you know you can make a change by removing the biggest offenders.

Want to make better use of your time?

Use a Time Audit to start managing your time. Use the free worksheets to log your activities and identify your time stealers. Download your free worksheets here.