Setting goals? Keep them to yourself


Maybe you should keep your mouth shut!

It's probably a good time to check back in with some of your personal or professional goals, remember? Those things you promised yourself you'd use to get you to that next step in your personal, professional or business life. You probably went so far as creating smart goals, making sure you took care of each step in the SMART goal process: You were extremely SPECIFIC, making sure to have MEASURABLE points to guide your ACHIEVABLE RESULTS for success in a TIMELY fashion. Then, you looked for someone to share your goals with so you would have someone to hold you accountable and kick your butt when needed...

Well, there's a school of thought that perhaps you shouldn't share your goals with others because that sets Jedi-mind tricks in motion that can sabotage your results. In this entertaining TEDTalk, Derek Sivers shares some research on the benefits of keeping those goals to yourself. Take a 3:15 min spin on this video:

As Derek says, "When you think of your biggest personal goals, you decide you're going to do it, tell people what you're going to do and then you accept their congratulations. Doesn't it feel good to say it out loud?" Well, maybe, the next time you feel like this you should just keep it to yourself and remember to "keep those goals to yourself!"