Grow your audience when you recycle your blog posts

Recycle your blog posts

Do you reuse & recycle?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs wear so many hats it a wonder they know what day of the week it is sometimes. One of the biggest time drains they can experience is involves creating helpful, engaging information to attract new customers. There’s another fly in the ointment is that they don’t have the resources to run a production line for creating new material every day.

Here’s the thing: You’ve got 80% of what you need already!

The secret for you is: You’ve probably got a content gold mine ready-to-go, right now!

Instead of beating the bushes and shaking the trees to come up with new pieces of content, you can make your best content (articles, blog posts, etc) ready to put in front of the widest audience possible.

It’s about content repurposing

You’ve probably heard this term before. What I’m talking about in this blog post is taking one item (article or blog post) and transforming it into different formats so different audiences can enjoy it on more platforms. Think of it this way: the more ways you repurpose your content, the wider the audience you’ll reach.

Let’s face it, a blog post is only going to be seen by blog readers, but you can have a video version of your post that gets seen by audiences who prefer video. If you’ve got the original blog post, it’s easy and cost effective to turn that into a video, and you don’t have to be a videographer to get it done.

To support our clients and help them get the most out of their own content, we developed a 7-day challenge just focused on reusing & repurposing their content. Why a 7-day challenge? Our clients are already busy and aren’t prepared to commit to many hours of effort to get content out. This overwhelm held them back from producing the type of material they knew their customers would appreciate.

So we needed something that wouldn’t take too long and would produce quick results We made sure each task could be done in a manageable timeframe every day for 7-days, and each day would produce content that could be sent out into the world immediately. That’s how we came up with the 7-day Reuse & Repurpose your Content Challenge. Check out this video for a quick preview:

It's time to reach a wider audience with your've got 80% of what you need. This challenge will fill in the rest.

What to do?

Taking this reasonably priced challenge will give you 5 distinct pieces of content from one article or blog post. One post produces content for different content platforms,  reaching different audiences who can benefit from being exposed to that content. Is that something that interests you?

Signing up for this challenge will give you instant access to the 1st days content – you’ll get the next days content 24 hours after your sign up, then daily for the rest of the challenge.

Recycling your blog posts will help you grow your audience in ways that make sense to you and your business as it helps to flesh out your content marketing strategy while it feeds your content calendar, so this is a win-win-win.

Are you ready to join the challenge and stretch your content in ways that are easy to replicate? Click the link to get started now!


Repurpose your Content Challenge

Get 5 new pieces of content for each blog post and reach a bigger audience.

Join us for this fun and productive challenge. We'll hold you hand the whole way as you learn to grow your audience with your recycled content!