Are there any good reasons NOT to have a business blog?

4 Good reasons NOT to have a business blog

Seriously, should I be blogging?

You’ve heard it time and time again: You need a blog for your business! Everybody says so, and the numbers are in: with a business blog you’ll be able to interact with your customers while upping your exposure as an expert in your area of expertise. You’ve heard (and know) that business blogs also draw more web traffic to your site. All this may be true - but could it be there are valid reasons why you might not want to have a business blog? You know there are, and it’s a really good idea to consider at least these before you get started.

You dread regular posting and maintenance

Running a business blog takes time and energy. At a minimum, you need to be posting once a week, and more if possible. For many people, writing even a short blog post can be an arduous task. Consistency is key and if you're not able to keep it up, this could be a problem.

If you don't have time yourself, delegating and outsourcing are options. However, if you run your own business, delegating the task to someone else is often out of the question. Outsourcing can work, but it's a whole job unto itself, especially if you've never done it before. It also costs money.

Quick question though: Do you post regularly to your social media platforms?

You’re too busy to get started

It’s not enough to just to have a Blog link on your website menu. Before you start blogging, you must invest some time in making a plan for your blog. Without the proper planning and set-up, your blog could become an aimless waste of your time. If you don't have the time to get it started, this is another good reason to wait until you do.

No focus

There are many compelling reasons to start a business blog, but if after reading them you still find yourself wondering why you should bother, this is a sign that maybe you shouldn't. Your business blog needs to have a clear goal in mind to keep it focused. If it doesn't, it'll be all over the place and could actually harm your image by making you look confused and scattered.

Your customers aren't responsive online

Finally, a blog on your site may not be useful to your target market. Especially if the demographic you target isn’t predisposed to interacting online. If they don't spend time online smartphones, it could be a wasted effort (does this sound like your audience? perhaps not). You might be better off investing the time and energy into offline marketing that will reach them more easily.

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Consider a trial run

Here's your Call-to-Action: One way to find out for sure if blogging is right for your business is to simply start one. If you have a Blog link on your website menu bar (with a sorry page of 1-2 ancient posts, or an “Under Construction” sign on it), give it a trial run and you can see for yourself how it feels. Add some social media promotion for your new posts and see what type of responses you get. If you decide to delegate or outsource your blogging, a few weeks of doing it yourself is a great help. It’ll teach you exactly what's involved and allows you to better train the people who will be doing the blogging for you.