Great audience questions improve blog engagement

Great audience questions improove blog engagement

Getting more engagement from your audience

What would it mean to you and your readers if you were able to get value feedback and engagement on your blog post content? With your blog being a central player in your marketing plan, how can you leverage your content to connect with your audience in the days of lower numbers of blog comments? It means increasing the opportunities to engage that audience by asking great questions.

A great way to engage your audience is to ask questions in your content. You can use a direct question addressed to the reader to get them thinking, encouraging them to respond. If done skillfully, you can turn every post into a lively conversation, giving you a great deal of opportunity to interact with your audience.

But what kinds of questions should you ask?

Here are some ideas.

Ask for opinions. Ask your social media contacts for their opinion on a controversial issue. You can take a recent news item or some issue where there are differing opinions in your industry (for example, whether or not you should use a certain type of cleaning product).

Ask how customers overcome common problems. Take a common problem that your readers face and ask them how they overcome the problem. For example, if your audience consists of writers, ask them how they drive traffic to their website or how they have set up their blog for best readability.

Ask how you're doing. You can use social media and your blog as a means of gathering feedback. Ask your customers how you're doing. Is your content helpful? What would they like to see more of? Did your product solve their problem? What could you do to improve your content, service, or products?

Ask your readers, "Did you know?" A good way to share a curious or little-known fact with your audience is to pose it as a question. Ask them whether or not they knew about this and what is their opinion of it? This can spark a discussion based around the topic.

Ask for favourites. A great conversation starter is to ask your readers what is their favourite of something. For example, you might ask your writer audience, "What's your favourite social media?" Each person will state their favourite, but many will give reasons why and this can lead to discussions and disagreements.

Ask about experiences. Ask your audience about a past experience that stands out in their memory. Choose a specific topic. Ask for a major achievement or a hard lesson your readers learned.

As a general rule, ask open-ended questions rather than yes-no questions. If you ask a yes or no question, you'll end up with many people simply replying "yes" or "no." Open-ended questions lead your readers to discuss at length and get more deeply into the topic. You can use surveys and polls for gathering data through yes-no questions.

great audience questions improve blog engagement - infographic

What would it mean to you and your readers if you were able to get value feedback and engagement on your blog post content? By asking great questions you can get your audience to tell you how to increase engagement on your blog as you serve the needs of customers. What should you do now? Download your copy of the “Ask Questions for Blog Engagement” infographic here and get writing those questions!

*Infographic created with Venngage