Managing customer engagement online


Relationship Marketing Online

Not too long ago, relationship marketing was carried out by using direct mail campaigns. Companies would spend thousands of dollars connecting with their customers where they lived. These days, with the ever changing and pervasive internet this has all changed. With these changes, many new doors have opened allowing customer engagement and relationship marketing to be more effective than any time in the past. Now you have the opportunity to continue this support online, serving your customer when they want to be served.

There are several ways to market and build your relationship online. These include using:

  • Blogs
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Holding Webinars

Social Media is a huge component that you should be using in your business. It is a platform which millions of people use daily. If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you are losing out in more than one way. 

A relationship with your customers is essential if you want to have repeat buyers. Previously, a business owner was always intent on finding the next new customer. Today this has changed and savvy owners are looking for ways to retain their customers. 

This can be achieved by having a good online presence, especially on social media. Why else do you think that companies like Coca-Cola created Facebook pages? Because it is the perfect platform for interacting with your customers.

Of course, you can’t hide behind your website or social pages. You still need to “show” your face and personality. But the concept of using the internet as a communication tool is really powerful.

Facebook pages, for example, are all shown in real time. So if a customer writes something good or bad on your page, it shows up as soon as it is written. For you to maintain a good relationship you want to respond to any messages you receive. This helps you build a relationship with your customers and it can really help improve your customer service skills.

When using social media keep in mind that people like to be engaged, they like to share and like posts and they love to leave comments. Comments can be used as feedback, likes can be viewed as positive steps and actions, while shares can be seen as referrals.

What you will need to do post to your social pages regularly. You can keep people up to date with any sales, post helpful information and announce new products as you launch them. Social media proves that communication can and should be a two-way street, and this is why these sites are so popular.

It means you’ll need to be ready to answer questions, ask for feedback and take action on any feedback you receive. It does take a commitment to post to your social pages and manage your customer engagement. Remember, by doing so you are using the power of the internet to boost your relationship marketing efforts so it will be worth your investment of time. To help take some of the stress away, look for Apps that can help you schedule posts, if time is an issue.

As we talk about the current landscape for Relationship Marketing, it’s interesting to see what other businesses are doing. The infographic on Relationship Marketing (source: shows some of the pros and cons of practicing Relationship Marketing. Do you see you and your business there?