Making an impact using Adobe Spark


A suite of tools for small-medium business

Earlier this year, Adobe made some changes and created this suite of tools which are extremely helpful to small and medium sized businesses. It will help your business tell it's story and engage with your customers in the way only you can tell it, and they've gone out of their way to make if easy and cost effective for the small-medium business audience (it's free). They took some previously standalone iOS apps and brought them together to create Adobe Spark. You may be familiar with the previous versions by these names: Adobe Post (for creating stunning text and graphics for social media), Adobe Slate (for creating web pages), and Adobe Voice (for creating video content). This post is a review of Adobe Spark and an introduction to it if you’re unfamiliar with this product.


These apps have all been rebranded and put under the one umbrella, accessible on the web or by mobile app for iOS and Android. The new names are: Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video.  Bringing together the power of Adobe’s industry leading capabilities for typography, imagery and professionally designed themes to make it easy for the novice, so-called non-creative individuals to turn out stunning content for their own use. The best part? All of this is free. Take a look at the Adobe Spark 

Watch how Adobe Spark users bring their stories to life. Adobe Spark is an integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. Easily create social media posts and graphics, web pages, and videos in minutes-no design or technical experience necessary. Get started:

When Adobe released this new suite, their purpose was to support “Your visually based market material, to be used on the web or on Social Media.” There’s more with the ability to create printable content from your creations. You now have an option of paying for a graphic designer for your key marketing items only, and managing the rest on-the-fly with the help of a tools such as these.

The idea is to help you, as a small to medium sized business owner, make an impact with your creations, share them everywhere and have the ability to do this from either a web-based or mobile application. Let’s take a look at the components of Adobe Spark.

Spark Post

This app is for creating amazing graphics for your online needs. You can select from a range of categories, then start with a design. Change the look with one of the professionally designed themes, and upload or select one of the thousands of free graphics included (free). Manage your text and typography and then choose what you need from Auto Resize to produce images for your social media spaces. Choose from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog banners and more so they fit just right. What do you do next? You share it everywhere youo need it to be.

What types of things can you create with Spark Post? 

Quotes, Announcements, Memes, Flyers, Advertisements, Greetings, Presentations, Invitations.

Spark Page

This app is all about creating fully functioning web pages to draw and engage your visitors. Like the previously noted Post app, your selection criteria include uploading your own images or selecting images from the vast library, create movement by applying “GlideShow” for a unique, hide-and-reveal view. Apply one of the available themes to style your page and know your pages will adapt to any device they’re viewed on. What do you do next? You share the link everywhere it needs to be.

What can you create with Spark Pages?

Newsletters, Invites, Journals, Photo-Journals, Photo Stories, Portfolios, Announcements

Spark Video

This app starts with you, actually with your story, and you’ll create your video from your desktop or mobile device. Pick a template suitable for what you have to say and then get ready toe use “Touch Recording” to tell your story in your own voice. Add imagery and a theme to really bring out your story. Finally, select and add music to compliment. All that’s left to do now is to Share Everywhere.

They have an amazing inspiration library if you need a boost, as well as available support. It really is something worth investigating!

Finally, here’s something I produced in about 20 minutes when I was playing with Spark Page. It’s not perfect (I just wanted to see what could happen), but I think it shows a little of what you can do. GO AHEAD AND CLICK THE IMAGE!

So, I hope that helped give you some insight into a suite of tools I think can be really helpful in getting your message out. They are right when they say it only takes a few minutes to create any one of this objects, and even a novice can get something out of it quickly and easily. It’s free and impressive. Yes, I enjoy using it and what it can produce. Go on, give it a try! 

So what do you think you should do now? I think it would be a good idea to go over and set up a free acount and get going creating and sharing, everywhere you want it to be! Here's a link to the login page (link). I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments on this.

*Note: I do not have an affiliate partnership with Adobe in any way shape or form so please note this post is my opinion only. Thanks!