Make your business values your guide


Achieve your business goals

I think we can all agree the goal of every business owner is, or should be, to succeed. If you think about it though, what does that really mean? Of course there are several solid signs of a successful business that can help us reach a definition of success. A successful business is profitable for the simple fact that it takes in more than it spends on a regular basis but that's not all. It performs activities that lead customers to become engaged, resulting in a distinct pathway to sales through the products and services you provide. What can help drive this success? When you make your business values your guide, you have the stepping stones to real success.

This topic came up during goal setting activities with one of my private coaching groups and we spent quite some time looking into what this looks like in their individual businesses. Those activities spawned this blog post! 

A successful business also experiences growth. It makes it a practice to use a portion of its profits to fund growth in several areas, not limited to more physical locations, greater productivity or increased market share. We can agree that the goal of every business owner should be to have their become, and remain profitable, and to have regular cycles of growth. You are probably nodding your head as you read this, yet, even though we have noted the actual goals, it can be difficult for the average business reach these markers.

One of the easiest ways to achieve these goals is to make your business values guide you in the right direction.

Your business values are nothing more than an established code of conduct you use to organize and govern the behaviour in your business. These behaviours, in turn, provide specific benefits, guiding the business to its goals of increased profitability and growth. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

A key problem you face

A problem that many businesses face is a lack of visibility. In any given business niche, there are thousands of companies competing for the attention of a finite customer base. To the customer, many of these businesses look and act the same. The successful businesses in the niche find a way to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Because they’ve set themselves apart, they grab more customers than their competitors and experience profitability and growth.

When you adopt a set of business values and use them to oversee your business’ actions you begin to distinguish yourself from other businesses because of the uniformity of your actions. In other words, all the elements in your business work together to provide customers with a great experience each and every time they interact with your business. We know there will be rough spots and a few bumps in the road, but based on your guiding business values, those consistently baked into your activities, the customer knows in advance what to expect and each time they frequent your business they get what they have expected.

Since this is and will continue to be the “way you do business,” it serves to send a message to customers and potential customers about what is important to your business – it says you value excellence, it says you care about providing customer satisfaction in all areas of your business. The way this message is presented will help to distinguish your business from the competition even more, while attracting more attention.

When you use your business values as your guide, you can repeat the positives. You see your business begin experience increased profitability and growth. Your business values can and will drive you to your goals. Have you checked your business values lately?