Know your worth then ask for it

Know your worth then ask for it

Casey Brown reminds you to get paid what you're worth

It's been a while since I share an inspirational TedTalk and this one reminded me of a few concepts that often get lost in the mix with particularly new women business owners. It's about how our self-talk and communication style can impact our income and what we need to be aware of to overcome it.

In this 8 minute video, Casey shares a story about a woman who learned to communicate her value and found her voice. In her own words she was practically giving her services away and so she began her journey to take responsibility for communicating her value to clients and refining her message. Take a few minutes and hear her message - it can empower you and help you review how you think of and grow your business.

The passage that stuck with me from this talk is "Being properly valued is so important. In this story you can hear that the impact ranges from beyone just finances into the realm of self-respect and self-confidence."

I wonder, how many of us are giving away our value at this time. I wonder what you take from this video. Share your thoughts in the comments?