Join a Blogging Challenge



There’s so much value to blogging for your business, particularly small businesses who struggle with where to spend their limited marketing budgets. If you are a business professional, blogging will raise your profile in ways you’ve probably not considered opening so many avenues.  If you’ve not considered it, perhaps this article can encourage you to give it a shot.

To encourage and support my clients and lead by example, I’m taking part in a 30 Day Blogging Challenge from Sarah Arrow of Sark e-Media and invite you to join me! You’ve seen them everywhere on social media; 30 day challenges for fitness, 14 day challenges for learning a new skill and many more. I’m taking up this particular challenge to bring the benefits of blogging to my clients. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and to hone my own skills. Even though there’s a huge entertainment factor in taking up a challenge, you’ll also find so many benefits and I’m going to consider completing this challenge to be a major personal accomplishment. You can join me when you sign up for the free 30 Day Blogging Challenge here.

Challenge yourself and reap the benefits

Stretch yourself – these days, there’s lots of avenues to grow your business or influence, and don’t forget building your personal brand. Taking a challenge like this will hold you accountable for your growth. Don’t have a website or blog of your own? Do you have a LinkedIn account? Build your own brand using the skills you’ll learn and refine – lift your visibility and become recognized for who you are

Talk directly with and to your clients, you may be surprised by what you learn, and what that will mean to your future business or career. It’s an easy win for all. Add blogging to your marketing mix.

Take the word “blogging” out of the equation and focus on connecting with others. How valuable would that be to you? I’m confident you’ll do great that I’ll share where you can get what you need to do – for free. You can sign up for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge here.
Think you’re not capable? It’s time to change that “old-school thinking.” Share what you love and join this challenge to flex your muscle and grow. Here’s to you and your challenge!