Is email effective as a customer retention tool?


I recently had the pleasure of speaking on a business panel, with capturing and converting website visitors through email as my topic. As part of a 3-part overview of the value of blogging, email marketing and implementing payment structures, the small business owners audience was engaged and attentive and the breakfast was really good! As we moved to the Q&A segment of the event, the questions identified and reflected some challenges for the attendees with confusion around email marketing activities in particular.

So, going through my article files, I found this article I'd like to share that talks about this topic with a different but complimentary bent than the one I used. It's from the Get Response blog and speaks to Why Email is the #1 Customer Retention Tool (link)  

It gives some interesting numbers around customer acquisition and then several key points about why email rocks (their words)! With 5 types of customer retention emails explained, it turns out to be an easy to explain reminder of my talk and helps these busy small business people understand how they can benefit from looking at email as an effective customer retention tool. If you've perhaps struggled with getting your head around getting the most of email, this article is a pretty good place to start. Here's the link again: Why Email is the #1 Customer Retention Tool. Hope it helps to explain the benefits!