How well do you know your subscribers?


It’s not just a “list” – they are your readers

Everywhere you look and listen, people are talking about your “List” when it comes to send business emails. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that this “list” is really a group of real people and they are your readers and subscribers. They’re not just names on a form, nor peas-in-a-pod. It might also pay to keep in mind that If you treat them like real people, they can help you make a comfortable living from the emails you send to them. Let’s not talk about your “List” anymore!

This is the second in a short series on email customers. You can catch the first post here: How often should you email your list?

Let’s stop sending the same message to “the world” 

Start by looking at the emails you’ve sent in the past. Are you “preaching to the masses”, writing to your entire list as a whole? Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. They don’t know that they are part of a list of subscribers. They don’t think of themselves as part of that list, nor would they want to. They are individuals who want to be treated as such. They want emails that speak to them directly, not the generic “we.”

When using auto responder technology, it would be so easy to forget about the individual when we’re dealing with people at the other end of that list of subscribers. Instead of preaching to (or is that at) them all, start writing your emails as if you’re sending a personal message to just one person. 

Get to know who’s signing up

You might have a faceless list of newbie bloggers or new business owners who’ve shown an interest in something you offer. You add them so you can send them more “stuff”. Instead, you might want to get to know your subscribers. Hang out in forums and Facebook groups where they meet, interact with them on your social media accounts, your blog and one-on-one via email. Spending a little time each week interacting directly with individual subscribers can get you a lot of important knowledge.

The better you get to know your target market, the easier it will become to create content for them and find products that are a good fit and an easy sell. Yes, that’s right, treating your readers well and taking the time to get to know them, will benefit you as well. 

Always provide them with value

Last but not least, make sure you provide your readers with good value. Take your time and do a good job when you write a blog post for them, put together a free short report, or share some tips in your emails. It’s even more important to focus on value when you’re selling them something. It doesn’t matter if you’ve created the product yourself or if you’re an affiliate for someone else. 

You are lucky to be able to start and continue the relationship you’ve built with them and you need to take care. You can do that by carefully considering every offer you send out. You will make sure your content is helpful and valuable so your subscriber list can stay loyal and profitable, long term. You can manage this by really getting to know your subscribers, and making sure they get to know you so when the question “How well do you know your subscribers?” comes up, you’ll be to answer “Quite well! We have a growing relationship that benefits us both!”