Grow your powerful brand when you grow your strengths


When you decide on your personal brand

When you decide on your personal brand, you do it in order to grow and succeed. There are several questions that come up when trying to figure out how to your brand will get you where you want to go. Questions such as; How do you recognized by the right audience? How can you grow that audience? Or, how do you grow a powerful brand based on your strengths?

Everyone looking to establish a personal brand should be asking these questions as well as actively looking for the answers. Very often the right answers to these questions can make a brand as easily as the wrong answers can do great harm to a brand. This is the second post in a series on personal branding.

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The easiest way to grow your brand and your audience is to understand your strengths. When you play to your strengths you increase your chances of success. That's because these advantages are your keys to increased brand recognition and as we've discovered, your brand recognition is everything. People who recognize your brand understand your products and services. People who understand your products and services are much more likely to become customers or clients. It's really that simple. 

Your strengths or assets

Your strengths or assets can be divided into two broad categories. There are those that you use online and those you use offline. Each is a little different so we'll talk about them separately.

Online assets are those things that establish your brand online - on the internet. The first grouping we recognize are social media networks and as we know, those networks are always on, always active. Your brand resides in all this information. These networks allow you to get your brand noticed by people most likely to become your audience and customers. You should use these networks wisely and often. If you keep in mind that you are your brand, your behaviour is indicative of how people will perceive what you are selling and since the internet is always on, you need to make sure you're on too.

Offline assets are the things you use to grow your brand when you're in the "real" world. These include traditional ways of branding, things like business cards, posters, your smile, your handshake to name a few. Each one of these items is powerful in its own right and shouldn't be ignored. They encourage ways to meet and positively influence people and when they have a positive personal experience with you, they could very well become your next clients or customers. How will you get there? You'll use your all your strengths to grow your powerful brand - online and offline!