First time webinar hosting essentials

First time webinar hosting essentials

Essential tips for your webinar success

You are finally ready to step off the curb and get real about running your first webinar. If you are hosting your webinar for the very first time, you are probably dealing with a bad case of nerves right about now. Even though a webinar is going out over the internet, it doesn’t make it any less daunting than standing up in front of people and giving a presentation.

What can you do with webinars? You can use them to connect with your customers as you educate and entertain them as you provide enough opportunities to sell your products and services. 

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Even though you can’t see those people, you know they are out there, waiting for you to dispense wisdom like a renowned sage perched on a mountaintop. With that in mind, here are some essential things that you should do (and don’t) on your very first webinar to make things run more smoothly. 

DO conduct a dress rehearsal.

Have a friend, or colleague sit through your webinar presentation and write down anything that went wrong or needs to be improved. Also, it would be helpful to know when they were bored so you can spice things up. 

DO have a tech expert on standby on webinar day.

Just because everything went right on the tech side on the dress rehearsal doesn’t mean it will when you actually present your webinar. In fact, it probably won’t. NOTE: You can solve this by choosing a webinar platform that offers great and timely customer service to support your session. 

DO remind your participants

Be prepared to remind them (and then remind them again) about the scheduled date and time of your webinar. You’ll need to remind them several times before show time. People are often busy and forgetful and some of them will forget until the very last minute without your help.

Start your webinar

DO take the time

Spend five minutes explaining how the webinar will work. Explain how people can ask questions; Let them know if there will be a recording that they can review and anything else they need to know. 

DO dress for success.

There’s lots people who can get away with an oversized t-shirt, ripped jeans and no shoes, but you need to dress like you are presenting a grant proposal for money you really need.

DO check your tech

Make sure to set up your lighting, camera, backdrop and audio properly. Make sure that you aren’t washed out or in shadow and that your backdrop is neutral and consistent (not your untidy living room). Make sure your camera angles are good and that your mic is positioned properly. 

GO for quality

DON’T use budget equipment. If you are using a cheap microphone and webcam your presentation will have much less value to your participants. 

When you take care of each of these items, you can dial-down the panic of running your first webinar. You will l get better every time you deliver a webinar and will eventually grow to enjoy hosting them when you know your subject and relax into the whole webinar experience. Get comfortable, check your essentials and have a great time as you add this extra revenue generating opportunity to your arsenal.