If you want readers make your blog titles eye-catching

If you want readers make your blog titles eye-catching

How to Create Eye-Catching Titles for Your Blog

How do you get people to stop scrolling on their phones and read your blog post? When attention spans are so short, catching the readers’ attention becomes more important and it’s a good idea to remember that the title of your blog post can make or break the visibility of your content. People skim through everything when online and if your title doesn't catch their attention, they'll pass your great content by. Here are some guidelines for creating curiosity-inducing titles for your posts.

Make It Catchy

Make this your number one rule; make your titles catchy! This is what's going to hook a potential reader and get them to click through to your content. Work to make it unique and striking. Check out other blog post titles and find ways to make yours stand out.

Be Specific

Wherever possible, make your title very specific and targeted. Use numbers when appropriate. If you have a blog post that offers 8 tips for how to organize your workspace, call it something like "8 Tips to punch up your blog posts."

Consider Word Choice

Try not to overuse the same words in your titles. Using a dictionary to find synonyms will help you mix it up. Choose words for their emotional impact as it will help draw the reader in.

Set Expectations for the upcoming content

Although you want to make bold claims with your title, make sure that your blog delivers. Don't write deceptive titles just to get clicks. This is called clickbait and it won't gain you readers. In fact, it will hurt your SEO as readers will quickly leave your blog and go somewhere else.

Shout out to Google!

Try to write headlines that will catch the attention of the search engines. Choose a keyword or two related to the article that have a high search volume and put it near the beginning of the title. Keywords may not be quite as important as they used to be, but if you choose a good one and use it naturally, it will bring you some traffic.

Research the Competition

To get ideas for your titles, look at the titles other bloggers use. You can do this by searching keywords relevant to your post and examining how other bloggers create titles based on them. The content that ranks highest in the search engines can be assumed to be the most popular, so those title formats and lengths are something to consider.

Don't stress over the title at first. Create a working title that you know you can change later. Many writers start with the title since it's so important, but as you write, you may find yourself going in a different direction or you may get a better idea for the title. A great way to come up with a winning title is to about half a dozen initially, and then narrow it down to the one that best meets the above criteria we discussed above.

When you focus on creating an eye-catching blog post title, you get the chance to have the reader pause long enough to be intrigued by your title and then needing to know more by reading your valuable content that you spent your time creating. Isn’t that what you want? Help them stop the scroll with titles that peak curiosity.