Don't sabotage your self-esteem as a business professional

Sabotaging self esteem

Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments

You’ve come a long way, achieving several major goals over the first half of the year, and you’ve done it quietly because that’s who you are. Perhaps you hold yourself back from the spotlight, or feel you don’t need it because you’re humble. Being humble has always been a hallmark for kindness and esteem. But you can be humble while still giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. When you’re proud about what you’ve done, the building blocks of self-esteem become tighter and tighter and eventually, you learn to trust yourself and your decisions.

As a business owner or professional, patting yourself on the back is a required trait. You might wish it wasn’t but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Every success that’s passed on to others will make them sit up and notice you – and respect you for your hard work. So even though it may be an uncomfortable thought, recognizing this fact will help you grow in ways you’ve been deliberately avoiding for quite some time.

Toot your own horn

If you can’t toot your own horn, it’s going to be difficult for others to know what you’ve accomplished – especially in an online environment. It’s not just about giving yourself credit for professional achievements – personal achievements are important, too. 

You probably have a long-term goal you’ve struggled to overcome, or achieved another personal goal that you’re proud of. Those are triumphs that are brag-worthy. While you don’t have to talk about yourself and your achievements until people are bored, it’s okay to use it as a way to motivate others – and yourself.

Rewards are important

Rewards are an important part of building self-esteem and collecting the building blocks necessary for success. When you do achieve a long-sought after goal, reward yourself with something you can look forward to on your journey.

Even a day off spent with family or getting something for yourself that you’ve always wanted can be perfect. When you reward yourself, you’re reinforcing your self-esteem building and making it easier to move on to the next project.

Many business owners and professionals seem to have a problem with defining themselves as worthy and successful. Instead, they think about failures rather than successes and avoid telling their fellow marketers, clients and lists that they’re proud of what they’ve done.

When you praise yourself and what you’ve accomplished to other business owners and customers, they’re likely to begin conversations and want to know how you did it – and be genuinely proud of your triumph.

Giving yourself credit for accomplishments can open a whole new world of feeling good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, the world becomes your oyster and you can make your dreams and goals come true because you aren’t telling yourself that you can’t.

Gandhi once admonished people to, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” When you change for the better or have little or big successes that you’re proud of, let the world know. You could become an inspiration for others!

Don’t forget, you’ve come a long way; you’ve achieved several major goals already this year and it’s not over yet. You’ve done it quietly because that’s who you are. That doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself credit for your accomplishments along the way.

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