Do you struggle writing headlines for your blog?

Writing Headlines

Do your headlines create the impact you want?

Writing articles for your blog is intense, time consuming and rewarding (hopefully!) Whether you blog for business or pleasure, you can spend a huge amount of time finding and deciding on the perfect image to support your topic, or laying out the structure of your post. How about what you’ll use to spread the word about your masterpiece on social media? All things to be considered. Some things can be more of a struggle for you than others. Like creating a headline meant to grab your reader’s attention. Do your headlines create the impact you want or do you struggle to write headlines for your blog?

It never fails. You want your posts to be appealing to those readers who can have an impact on your bottom line, whatever that might be and your headline can make or break the decision to read on to your great stuff. Has this happened to you? Agonizing, isn’t it? There are ways and tools that can help get your epic post out into the world and this post talks about what you can do to get the attention you want.

The method to the madness

Perhaps the easiest way to get through this process is to make sure you get all the key things in place before you press “publish.” We won’t be going into the technicalities of SEO in this post, except for how your headline affects your SEO. What’s the method? It can start from these steps.

6 steps to post creation

Step #1 - Create you title: This would be your working title for this post. It’ll help you focus on where you’d like the post to go.
Step #2 - About your introduction: This is your chance to hook or intrigue the reader. Make sure your intro entices the reader to “read more…”
Step #3 - Write your Post content: The meat and potatoes of your efforts
Step #4 - Choose pictures that speak volumes: Only use visuals that support and enhance your content
Step #5 - Write a powerful closing paragraph: Your post conclusion and reader call-to-action (CTA)
Step #6 - Write your final post headline: The published headline that draws your reader and boosts your reach

Did you notice the “order of operations?” Your final, published title is created last in this method. Let’s talk about some tools to help you get the most bang for your title buck.
So, you’ve created the content you want to share and are ready to create that power-packed headline. How effective at reaching your reader is your proposed headline choice? You can get insight into how your headline could be received by using any of these online (free) tools. Let’s take a look at 3 of my favourites. (You may want to bookmark them for future use.)

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This is one of my go-to tools. I use CoSchedule for managing my scheduling and posts and this is one of the tools it uses. You can also use the Headline Analyzer as a standalone resource from the URL shown here (you might want to bookmark it).
This headline analyzer let’s you type in your proposed title, then grades it in a number of areas to make sure you know where you can make the most of your post. It also offers links to things that can help make your writing stronger, right where you are. Take a look at this first image:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

You title gets an overall analysis number (the higher the better), colour coded so you can judge the strength of the headline at a glance. Green is good!
Next comes the Word Balance area and grade. An A+ would be amazing in this area!

CoSchedule Word Balance output

Next comes the Headline Type and Length Analysis, with explanations and helpful tips to make your result better.

CoSchedule Headline Type

The final part of this tool is called First & Last and includes an easy to understand keyword and sentiment overview.

CoSchedule Sentiment overview

Emotional Headline Marketing Value Analysis

This tool takes a different approach to your headline impact. It considers your headline from three perspectives: Intellectual, Empathic and Spiritual and describes what these terms mean (as well as who these categories might influence). Easy to use, just plug in your headline, choose a category and click go. Emotional Headline Marketing Value Analysis can be found here. (link.)

Here's a shot of your starting point.

Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer

Grading is explained in easy to understand terms along with an explanation of who it might appeal to. Depending on what you are trying to do with your post, you may want a balanced readout or something more focused (particularly if you want to tug at heart strings, for example).

Emotional Headline Analysis results

Best Online Title Generator

This one is very simple: You enter your keyword(s) and it generates a list of headline titles you can scan through to find the best option for your current post/project. It can help you focus, give you ideas or confirm your thinking. 

Best Online Title Generator

Your next step would be to scroll through the list until you find the one best suited. Nice. Here's the link to this site. Best Online Title Generator. 

Headline options

So there you have it. 3 choices to consider to help you make better headlines. What’s the benefit of using one (or more) of these free tools when you’re writing? If copywriting isn’t your strong suit, it can help you make the most of your writing, teach you some skills to help you improve (CoSchedule’s tool is great for this), and give you a little extra juice to get your post in front of all those people who can be impacted by what you’ve written. What should you do now? Check them out and see if they can help you reach more people. Go ahead, give up the struggle with writing headlines for your blog. Which one do you think you might use in the future? Share in the comments!