Disconnect from your screens

Disconnect from your screens

Before you miss out, put down your screens

It's been some time since there's been an inspirational post on this blog, although that's not been intentional. This short video delivers such a powerful message both visually and in the poetry-based delivery that it serves as a warning to us all about our dependence on what some are beginning to refer to as "artificial communication" habits. 

This video, created by David Turk is just 4:53 minutes long, but cuts to the chase about what our combined fascination to our gadgets is costing us. 

Video by Gary Turk - spoken word film for an online generation.
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Is this a business related topic? I think so. What does this mean for the way you connect with your potential and current clients? Are there things you can learn from this video? I believe you can do things differently from your competitors when keep this message in mind. What do you think? What will you do differently, things that may be outside of your comfort zone? Share your thoughts in the comments.