Creating packages to match what your prospects want

Create packages your prospects want to buy

Ready to design packages your prospects want?

If you’ve decided you really want to build a lasting online revenue stream, you need to create packages that give your clients lasting results. A package is generally more than a one-off session, product or service with you; it could be a package of 12 sessions, a product + timed support, or something such as a 3-month course. Some of the things to consider include:

Long-term benefits for your client

Since we're talking about lasting results, it's only natural that longer-lasting packages offer more revenue for you. They also make the client commit and go a long way toward building a relationship between the two of you, which leads to greater satisfaction and a good opportunity for testimonials or referrals.

When designing a package, think about what kind of long-term benefits you can offer someone. How can you help them with your expertise? You should also consider the length and frequency.

Marketing your package

When talking about your package, always describe the value it offers the customer just as you would a regular service. Make sure you talk about the benefits more than the features. Explain to them what they'll be able to do when the course is completed or tell them in concrete terms how it has helped other clients of yours.

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Also, you should make sure to tell them specifically what it entails. Mention exactly how many sessions or the exact length of the time period. This lends you credibility and helps to set realistic expectations for them.

Pricing your packages

The best way to price a package is to look at your revenue goals. Decide how much you need to earn in what timeframe, and price your product accordingly. If the price you come up with seems a bit high and you're not confident telling it to prospects, here are some things to remember:

  • Your package offers concrete results. It helps the prospect solve a problem they're facing. What they're buying isn't the course or program, but the results and changes in their life that it will deliver.

  • Keep in mind the unique value of your service and the expertise behind it. You have things to teach your prospect through the package and this adds value to it.

  • Be excited about the package yourself. When you're energetic and excited about the offer, you'll find it much easier to communicate this to the prospect.

Finally, keep in mind that you can adjust the price later. If you find that people aren't buying, it means you've priced it too high or you need to ramp up your marketing. But one bit of good news here is that most entrepreneurs tend to under-value their offers.

Serving, Not Selling

By offering a high-value package, you're not just lining your pockets with a steady stream of income. You're offering a unique solution to your prospect. You'd be doing them a disservice if you didn't help them work on their problems over the long-term with an offer like this.

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