Blogging for your business


30 day blogging challenge review

During many talks with clients, the question that comes up regularly is how to bring life and visitors to their business website. As part of this conversation, I happened to give a short talk on the value of business blogging to small business and how it could be incorporated into a marketing plan. Well, a very short time later, I was tempted to “walk-the-walk” or “talk-the-talk” by starting to drive visitors to my new website. One method to be used was to start blogging in order to talk to current and potential clients. And then I came across Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge from Sark eMedia. It was time to put my money where my mouth was.

So the journey started. Before we go any further I’d like to admit right now that I didn’t complete 30 blog posts in 30 days but I did learn so much about the value and discipline (and how those two items pay off) when blogging for business. This Blogging Challenge brings so much easy to understand knowledge and encouragement, I decided to write this review now I’ve created my 30th blog post. 

So, what did this challenge provide and why do I believe it has value for small business owners?

  • It confirms the power of having an active space on your website where people can return to when looking for information and education around the topics you write about - in my case, small business and personal growth. What will I do with this knowledge? I will continue to encourage my small business clients to connect with their potential and current clients, all the while learning about their needs and educating them on topics of business interest.
  • Sarah’s gentle guidance will teach even the novice blogger, perhaps overwhelmed at the prospect of blogging, the basic steps of setting up and running a blog if they need that particular knowledge. Having a forum in which to ask questions (and seeing other peoples’ questions) helps people learn from others on the journey under the watchful eye of successful bloggers willing to share their experience.
  • The challenge helps new bloggers to understand the value of structured, relevant blog posts that benefit from planning and organization. It prepares you for speaking and listening to your readers while helping you to market you products and services in a natural, un-marketing way.
  • People often struggle to understand how to get found on the web so this challenge helps you talk about aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  in a way that will increase your visibility naturally and effectively, in a language you can understand.
  • It ties in the importance of using social media in it’s right context - as a marketing tool to bring readers back to your website. It reminds you that although your writing may be wonderful and informative, if you don’t learn to market those blog posts visitors will not arrive!
  • The challenge provides amazing support through a community open and ready to share and answer questions, and daily emails that provide additional context. The opportunities to learn are ever present, with everyone willing to read and comment in ways that encourage you to grow and extend your comfort zone while blogging. 
  • This challenge will build your confidence as you go. It isn’t easy to do but the encouragement you will receive will get you to where you want to go with your business blogging, while taking away the fear of writing by giving your the tools and encouragement you need to get on your feet. It will help grow your influence as an authority, help you to connect with your audience and provide more opportunities to showcase your business and it’s value.

Was this challenge worthwhile? I cannot recommend it enough! I’m not sure if I knew what I was getting myself into, but this challenge reaches so far into key elements of having an effective online presence I cannot sing it’s praises enough. Thank you to Sark eMedia and Sarah Arrow in particular for an amazing journey. 

I have one thing left to suggest. Join this 30 Day Blogging Challenge and grow your business.