Best of Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, week one


The 30-day Blogging Challenge continues!

As part of the `walk-the-walk” I’m doing to encourage the small business and business professionals,  this post is all about creating a recap or round up post of specific posts or articles to share with your audience. In the spirit of that goal, here’s the Best of Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, Week One, a collection of blog posts from the first week of my Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge. (link.)

Why am I doing this challenge? As I talk to clients and others trying to get their message out in this incredibly noisy world, blogging is one of the most overlooked options I encourage people to consider. I’ve been challenged by a more than a few people to “put-my-money-where-my-mouth-is” and to teach by doing. As I continue to encourage small business owners and business professionals to get comfortable with the value of blogging, I must admit I’m having fun as well as sending more traffic to my website and blog, improving SEO and getting some great feedback on the info being shared. Where’s that feedback coming from? Right now, I’m getting more feedback from Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon than I imagined I would and less than you’d think from Facebook.

So, without further ado, here’s today’s post. It’s all about recapping info into a single post. This type of post is amazing to use –as an “I’m-no-idea-what-to-write-about” tool, as an “I-found-some-great-articles-on-this-topic” type post, a serial recap post or a list of related resources post. What’s the best part about it? You’re actually sharing links to other articles so the hard work is already done. Here’s the Best f Y.E.S. for week one:

Day #1: The Tao of Blogging - I started the challenge with the driver for even taking it on. I shared some key information on small business’ use of social media platforms.

Day #2: If you could pick your stress – A post containing a TedTalk video about how to manage your stress by making some interesting decisions. Kelly McGonigal starts the talk with a quote from her book, “The Upside of Stress.”

Day #3: Join a Blogging Challenge – An introduction to the value of blogging for small business and business professionals. A challenge can teach you the skills and habits to help you blog to raise your profile.

Day #4: 6 Reasons why your social media activity doesn’t work for your business and 1 way to make sure it does – Small business owners often struggle with social media platforms. Here’s how to determine where best to spend your time.

Day #5:  7 Power quotes to inspire – In this post I share some inspirational images for you to download.

Day #6: Getting to the bottom of sales funnels – Sales funnels are often a mystery to entrepreneurs. This post helps to explain what the sales funnel is. (1st post in a series.)

Day #7: Why your funnels leak – and what to do about it – (2nd post in a series) If your sales numbers aren’t looking great, chances you have a leak in your funnel where your subscribers are falling through. Here are four common causes.

So, that’s the roundup of week #1. I hope you found it interesting and that you’re able to see how you can use the articles and posts you create in different ways. Join us to stay in touch on this blogging journey and to get updates from us on a regular basis!

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