Become more productive by getting more sleep


Arianna Huffington preaches the benefits of sleep

I have admired Arianna Huffington since seeing her speak to a womens' conference a number of years ago. I also suffer from “crazy brain” syndrome, you know, where your brain fires up at 11:30pm and doesn’t shut off until 5:30am. During that time, I can solve the worlds problems and come up with mind-blowing ideas that will turn civilization on it’s head. So when I found this Ted Talk about the benefits of sleep I was eager to hear what she had to say. 

During this short talk (4:43 minutes), she explains how she formulated this list of benefits when she literally fainted from exhaustion, hit her head on the desk, broke her cheekbone and rediscovered the value of sleep during her recovery. What she discovered is quite enlightening and she shares A-HA moments during this entertaining chat. Take a few minutes to find out what she discovered, and how you can use that knowledge!

The passage that stuck with me from this talk is “Shut your eyes and discover the great ideas that lie inside us.” 

What did I take from all this? It’s time to take another look at crazy sleep habits and to work towards getting the 7-8 hours of sleep my body needs, instead of wearing sleep deprivation as a badge of honour. Is sleep, of lack thereof an issue for you? What have you found helpful when you find yourself stressed out and unable to sleep? It’s more important than you know to fix this sleeping problem!