How to host an awesome webinar

Create awesome webinars and make your webinars stand out

Make your webinars stand out – and successful

Do you want to host a webinar that's going to impress your participants and leave them in awe? You may want to spend a little more time and a little money on the process, so you can present a webinar that’s better than some of the common or garden webinars they may have been exposed to previously.

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We won’t be addressing webinar software or applications in this post, assuming you’ve decided what software to use and that you are comfortable with that choice for your upcoming webinars. 

A webinar like this may include elements such as video, whiteboard animations, guest speakers, images, logos and of course, the best possible technology to present your webinar. 
This assumes (and should go without saying) that your content is absolutely what your audience wants and needs to hear, and you know this because you’ve done your homework!

Although we won’t be going into this MIA (Most Important Area) of your webinar delivery in this post, it is not something that be overlooked.

After acknowledging the above, the main question and the answer we’ll be covering in this post is…How can you host an awesome webinar? Can you even afford to present the most amazing webinar your audience has attended, that people will want to be share and that has them reaching out to you the way you intended?

Let’s find out by breaking down the pieces for some of the more memorable add-ons you can use to make a profitable webinar.

Pre-presentation add-ons:

Add a promotional video, with a best-case scenario of being professionally made. There are sites out there that cover this aspect, or you can probably have this done on Fiverr but not for $5. Find someone with great examples and pay their premium price to have a professional teaser video made that will attract people.

If cost is a real issue here there are different software packages available that you can use to DIY your own video, in differing price ranges. Be honest about your design and copywriting skills before you start, keeping in mind that you could shoot yourself in the foot with poorly designed and crafted video. Don’t let your video shout “cheap!” if that’s not the image you want to project.

Advertising:  You can find various options here as well. Use your social media outlets and their ad options, and don’t avoid traditional promotional options where it makes sense to use them. Again, don’t be afraid to outsource to a suitable service provider, including Fiverr if you do your homework to get what you need.

Add some multi-media

You should add a slideshow presentation. It is a staple with webinars. Have your presentation designed by a professional if you want to rise above the crowd. You can also find quality templates if you want to do it yourself.

Again, know where your strengths are and make sure you aren’t going cheap because you don’t value professional concepts and experience.

If you don't have your own related images, stock images that make your point clearer can be a huge help with a webinar presentation.

Creating a logo for your webinar, made by a professional graphic artist, can make you look like you have a million-dollar corporate budget behind you.

Equipment add-ons

Just starting out? For a more casual look many of today’s phones have cameras that can do a good job. Use a sturdy stand and place your camera at the right height to get the best effect. If funds allow, you might add at least one good quality HD camera.

Video lighting options will make your on-screen presence shine and they can be very reasonably priced. Check Amazon for pricing and options.

You’ll also need a good computer to run your presentation on.

Future growth? Looking down the road, consider and invest in three cameras that you’d place at different angles to round out the webinar experience.
- If you do grow into using three cameras, you will need software to control those cameras. 
- Software to control the audio – a digital audio workstation where you can adjust the equalization settings. 
- A great computer that runs super-fast to make your presentation on.

People power add-ons

  • Someone to field questions and interact with the audience.
  • Someone to help people who are having technical problems. 

Future growth? Someone to control the three cameras and switch between them.

Set & costume add-ons

A Simple backdrop. You can use something as simple as a light, plain bedsheet to sit in front of as you share your knowledge.

Future growth? Backdrop or professional set for you to be shown in.

Suit or other professional clothing. Be sure to dress for your audience.

It’s clear you want to host a webinar that is really going to knock your participant’s proverbial socks off. This post reminds you where you need to focus some attention and yes, a little money to make this happen. Making sure you include these items will lift the quality of your webinars and build the type of response you intended when you put it all together.

What should you do now? Take some time before your first (or next) webinar to make sure you’ve covered each of these areas. With your great content and these steps, you can lift perception of your webinars above those of some of your direct competitors who think a lot of this “stuff” doesn’t matter.

You can Get it, Check it and Make your webinar happen. To your success!

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