About success and failure for entrepreneurs

About success and failure for entrepreneurs

A TED talk to inspire you

As I’ve said before, I love Ted talks and the way they can inspire, motivate and entertain you in just a few short minutes. I tend to prefer talks that are under 15 minutes because it`s all about paying attention, being present and really learning what you can from the speaker. This Ted talk, from Elizabeth Gilbert is about success and failure, something entrepreneurs are fully familiar with. 

In case you don`t know, Elizabeth wrote the best-selling book Eat, Pray Love that produced a popular movie with Julia Roberts in the lead role. In this talk she shares her journey through success, failure and reality of the drive she used to keep creating. 

Of course, her overnight success took more than a few years to achieve and contained all the self-doubt and course corrections we all go through as entrepreneurs. 

So put on your headset, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the almost 8 minutes it takes to enjoy and get inspired by this talk. Here is Elizabeth Gilbert on Success, failure, and the drive to keep creating.

I hope you found this short timeout helpful and that you`ll consider some of the points here as part of your understanding of success and failure, and what it means to entrepreneurs such as ourselves. Until next time in the Professional Development and Inspiration! Share your feelings about this video in the comments below. What's your favourite TED talk?