5 Reasons your business needs a Virtual Assistant


Is it time to get help for your business?

You’ve done a great job building your business, it seems like every week you’re getting more work than you did before. You’re aware your busy season is just around the corner and you’ve been working hard to get ready for what you predict will a very profitable time for you.

Things are finally coming together and you feel a lot of satisfaction. You know things are busy and you’re finally thinking about getting some help. You’re thinking of reasons your business might need the services of a VA (Virtual Assistant).

In this post we'll talk about 5 reasons your business needs a VA. Some are easier to adopt than others, but each of these reasons will get you back to what you love doing. You can work on the reason you got into your business in the first place. The following items will give you some ideas:

Reason #1: Too much work, too little time

You work long hours and as a business owner you were prepared for this in the beginning. It’s worked out though that you really need someone to help you. When you look at how many of those hours are billable hours versus non-billable, that non-billable amount is how much help you need from a Virtual Assistant. If you consider how much more than 40 hours a week you work, there’s a fair idea about the value a business could get from the VA services.


Do you remember why you started your own business? You started it for several reasons, although I’m sure being chained to your desk wasn’t one of them.

You need to find someone to help you now you’ve started to experience success you spent so much time working towards. You need to consider adding some balance back to your life.

Reason #2: Spending time on non-money making activities

You make a point of keeping up with all that administrative work. It takes time to get and keep everything under control. Something to think about though: If you’re spending more than 10 hours a week on non-money making tasks, these hours could be spent doing money-generating tasks instead.

Let’s say you can earn $140 an hour selling your products or services. Why would you spend your time on tasks you could get done for around $35 - $50 an hour?

Another way this could play out is that you are so busy doing billable work that important admin tasks like bookkeeping, customer service or relationship building are put off until it becomes so overwhelming you don’t even want to do your admin work.

This slippery slope leaves you in a state where you cannot know how well your business is doing if your books and admin tasks are untouched for a period. These types of activities can be handed off to a knowledgeable and experienced Virtual Assistant while you get back to what you love, all the while being cost effective as shown in the example above. This brings us to …

Reason #3: You’re getting stressed out

Based on reason #2, you are beginning to find your business gloomy and a hard slog. Perhaps you’re no longer having fun like you did in the beginning. You might even have made excuses for not having time to exercise or maintain healthy eating habits or your health might be suffering due to your schedule and responsibilities.

It’s time to get someone to help you before you become so overwhelmed you lose sleep worrying because you can’t let go of every.single.thing.you.need.to.do. (It still needs to get done, but not necessarily by you).

Reason #4: You don’t know how to do something key

You have your own areas of expertise and other areas of your business that exasperate you – you know what they are! You’ll have to spend the time to learn it to get the result you need, even if you really have no interest the how of getting things done.

You’re better off having an expert (because that’s what a Virtual Assistant is) at your disposal to do it for you, a lot faster and efficiently while you get back to earning money doing what you love. A good VA learns your business needs and works to meet or exceed them.

Reason #5: You’re not ready to hire an employee

Things are going well in your business, but hiring an employee comes with a stack of paperwork, requirements an regulation. Hiring an employee also comes with the need to train them, but hiring a VA doesn’t.

You hire the Virtual Assistant with the experience and specialities you need, when you need it. When you hire your VA, they do their job using their own tools, without training and meet your defined deadlines in their own time.

Reason #6 (Bonus): You know others can do the tasks you need

You’ve come to realize that you can’t be a master at everything and that other people can do the task(s) you’re struggling with.  Your skill level and lack of time to work on things is holding you back. 

You know things cannot continue doing things the ways you have been when your business is growing into its next phase without help. It’s time to let go and let someone else bring their knowledge and skills to your table. Your VA brings this type of expertise, allowing you to get back to making money in your business.

When you work with a VA or virtual assistant to manage your non-billable admin work, you’ll have the time, energy and drive to see your business without the ”busyness” that clouds your vision, slows you down and overwhelms you. When you look at your business planning you know it’s time to let go of the clutter and get the help you need.

A Virtual Assistant can support your business needs as part of your diverse business team in an affordable, expertise driven partner. Is that something you need? Now’s the time to consider hiring your own VA. Will you start by asking your business contacts for recommendations for what you need? Let me know your thoughts on hiring a Virtual Assistant in the comments. I’d love to know your experience with a VA or even why you’ve not considered doing so before now!