15 things to blog about when you run out of ideas


What to do when you run short of blog ideas

One of the most challenging things about blogging is getting started. You may start to run out of steam when you sit down to write your next post and the blank screen may mock you. To help you move from stumped to published, here are 15 ideas to write about that will get you back on track and inspire you for future posts. Here you go:

  1. Take a photo, you know pictures can be more impressive than words!
  2. Share a YouTube video that relevant to your topic. You could also provide an analysis of the video in your post. Make sure you use quality videos that you’ve personally vetted.
  3. Shoot your own video. People like to see faces rather than having to just reading those words
  4. Comment on different blog post on your blog. Respond to a strong statement made by another blogger on your blog
  5. There’s all kinds of content in the news these days, report on how it relates to your field of interest
  6. Write a How To post. Tutorials, and walkthroughs are well received online
  7. Take on a common myth. What common beliefs do people have about your industry that don’t ring true
  8. Create a Q&A post. What common questions do people have and what are their answers?
  9. Review a problem. Take an issue people often get stuck on and examine its causes and solutions
  10. Write a Top X List. Try “Top 10 ways to _________” or “Top 3 ways to _______”
  11. Write about common pitfalls. What are common mistakes beginners might make without knowing it?
  12. Review a product. What are the benefits and drawbacks? What makes it different? Is it something you’d recommend?
  13. Ask you audience a question. What are their thoughts about Topic A?
  14. Create a resource list. Give links, downloads, videos, etc., that can help the reader in what they’re trying to do
  15. Give away an eBook. Make it really valuable and give it away for free

You've now got a short list of ideas to get you started. Which of these 15 things to blog about do you think will be one of your first ideas? Share your choice in the comments!