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Barbara jemmott, owner & business strategist

Barbara Jemmott, Founder & Business Strategist

Hello! As founder and chief business strategist here at Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, I'm a strategist who works with female entrepreneurs and business professionals across several industries. We work together to build the business strategies that make sense for my client, then I work with my client to implement the right business systems, structures and Social Media to get their business or career to where they want to grow. The results gained by building and using systems and strategies will turn your business or career around as your clients and customers get to experience your dedication, professionalism and warmth.

Helping entrepreneurial women grow their audience and income online

My clients have common goals

My clients all have these several things in common: The want and need to get more clients, they want to work less and make more, and they want to grow their business or career as quickly as possible.

Many times, as your business or career grows (or doesn't grow), the chaos around what you have to do keeps you from doing what you love - what you went into this field or this business to do, and it shows. It could be that you're not getting enough new clients or sales coming to meet your needs, or not gaining the professional opportunities you want. How stressful is that? As a small business owner myself, I can relate to the highs and lows of your business goals and that's where my passion for helping the incredible women I am privileged to work with comes from.

Systems and strategies you need

What about the missed opportunities caused by disorganization and lack of understanding the elements and tools that can improve your business results? Setting up systems in your business can be time consuming - but what if those systems give you 3 extra clients a week or month? What if those systems reduced the amount of time and effort you spend on "busy work" so you can spend your time on things that are important to you and your success?

You know one of the systems I enjoy sharing with my amazing business clients the most? It's the personal and professional growth that occurs as we work together to put you back in charge of your business. I work to get you the info you need to make the key decisions for your business. You get back in charge!

What do I bring to the table?

  • I bring 20+ years of experience helping business understand, implement and train in systems, strategies and procedures to increase productivity, implement change and streamline operations.
  • Responsibility for designing and implementing small to large change management initiatives in Fortune 100 companies. I now bring that knowledge to the small business arena.
  • Responsibility for designing, developing and training small to large technology training initiatives for Fortune 100 companies, using skills directly transferable to small business - it's all about the "Why"
  • I bring the professional development needs of your business to the fore as you develop the technical knowledge you need in your business.
  • Years of instructional design skills, including adult learning strategies and management.
  • Small business mentoring and business development expertise.

What does that mean for you?

It means we work together to develop seamless strategies and tools that reduce the "busy work", confusion and time-sucks directly impacting your business and holding you back from asking the tough questions to get the best answers, Guaranteed.

Our Process


1. Learning about your company to set up for your success

It's up to us to learn as much as we can about your business or career before moving to the next step.

2. Planning

Creating a sustainable strategy for the long term takes careful planning. We work together to create a custom plan designed for your success. We take the time to customize because no two businesses or career paths are alike and one-size fits all doesn't work.

3. Collaborating means better quality results

Communication is something we value. Brainstorming with clients provides a more satisfying outcome.

4. Execution: Ideas are great, execution is better

You've got great ideas, but those ideas are meaningless if they're not put into action. Ideas don't make you money - execution does. We deliver great work for our clients. It's what we strive to do at all times.

5. Measuring: What gets measured gets managed

Growing your business or career involves some trial and error. Measuring for results is something we know will pay benefits. Businesses that don't measure feel like they're drowning in the dark.

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